2023 In Review for Ladina Yoga


As we approach the end of another transformative year, it's a perfect time to take a moment and reflect on the incredible journey we've had at Ladina Yoga. In the realm of sustainable wellness, we've been on a mission to create a positive impact not only on your yoga practice but also on the world around us. Join us as we reminisce about the milestones and achievements that have shaped our brand in 2023.

1.  Community Outreach and Partnerships

At Ladina Yoga, we believe community is everything. This year, we had the privilege of partnering with like-minded artists, fellow business owners and yoga studios that share our commitment to sustainability.

  • We hosted pop ups in iconic places in London including Covent Garden, Angel, South Bank, Spitalfields Market and Westfield.
  • We launched the Ladina Yoga Ambassador Scheme
  • Together we've organised workshops, events, and community outreach programs, fostering a sense of togetherness and spreading awareness about the benefits of mindful living and crafting with our hands.


2. Educational Initiatives

Empowering our community with knowledge has been a key focus for us in 2023. We've launched educational initiatives, including blog posts, events, and social media campaigns, to share insights into sustainable living, mindfulness, and the positive impact of yoga on both individuals and the planet. Our goal is to inspire and guide our community towards a more conscious and balanced lifestyle.

We also had the immense pleasure to host the first Ladina Yoga retreat in Madagascar!

3. Customer Stories and magazine features

We are incredibly grateful for the support and enthusiasm from our community and wellbeing experts. The heartfelt testimonials and magazine features we've received this year have been a constant source of motivation. Knowing that our sustainable yoga products have made a positive difference in your lives and are recommended by some of the biggest publications fuels our commitment to continue creating high-quality, environmentally friendly yoga gear.

This year we were featured in Women's Health, The Guardian, The Daily Express, My Baba, The Homeworker, Om Yoga and Women's Running. What a blast!

4. Helping the environment

  • We've implemented sustainable practices throughout our supply chain, manufacturing, and shipping processes to minimise our environmental impact.
  • We also have planted 200+ mangrove trees in Madagascar, the fourth most deforested country in the world.
  • We have supported Ocean Sole's effort to clean Kenya's beaches and the ocean from disregarded flip flops from our yoga blocks. 
  • Boosted employment in Madagascar and Kenya

As we wrap up this very challenging and blossoming year, we want to express our deepest gratitude to each member of the Ladina Yoga community. Your support has fueled our passion for creating a sustainable and mindful world.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities that the future holds and are committed to continuing this journey together towards a more joyful and more sustainable tomorrow.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Maysun Hassanaly (Founder of Ladina Yoga)


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