Buy a Mat, Save the Planet

 Ladina Yoga has partenered with Bôndy to reforest the island of Madagascar. Bôndy carries out social reforestation projects, in particular through the restoration of mangroves in the Boeny region. 

Did you know?




Madagascar is the 4th poorest country in the world and also the 4th most deforested country in the world. At this rate, Madagascar will have no more intact natural forests in twenty years and we are witnessing the destruction of a unique living museum in the world! Mangroves are shrub and tree species that live along shores, rivers, and estuaries in the tropics and subtropics. Mangroves are magic. They can store four more times the amount of CO2 than rainforests, making their survival critical and contribute to restoring the unique biodiversity of the island. 80% of the fauna and flora are endemic, that is, they cannot be found anywhere else.


Bôndy's approach

Bôndy's approach is to educate local people about sustainable farming practices. Bôndy will provide them with the resources and knowledge necessary to benefit from a stable  economic income while participating in the reforestation of the island. Bôndy is part of the AFR100 initiative, keeping aware that it is necessary to educate and train rural populations to change habits.

Buy a mat, preserve the environment


For each mat that you buy, we are planting a mangrove in Madagascar.
Madagascar has 2% of the world's mangroves, in terms of area. They are very important because they help to mitigate climate change, are very rich in biodiversity and provide essential goods and services to coastal communities. From water filtration to carbon storage, mangroves help to cope with climate change and extreme natural events. A contribution that lasts all year round because the mangrove is planted without too many seasonal requirements.
Ready to plant your mangrove?


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