Who Made Your Accessories?

Meet Laureah, one of the artists behind your gorgeous yoga bags and yoga bolsters from Madagascar!

When I met Laureah, she and her husband were struggling to make it to the end of the month and Laureah would try to get sewing jobs here and there, in the hope of contributing to the family and their two kids. 

The couple has been married for 25 years and have two boys and one girl. Laurea grew up seeing her mother and grandmother sew and crochet art. She is passionate about making Malagasy art known to others. Laureah also knows raphia crafting and sometimes helps in the production of the meditation cushions.

Since Ladina launched, Laureah and Olivier have been able to sustain a stable life and live in better conditions. At times when Ladina gets a high volume of orders, Laureah calls her husband for help but also her friends, women in her village living in the same condition as she had been before.

It really does take a village and we are proud to create employment opportunities in Madagascar, where sadly the majority of people in Madagascar live in extreme poverty. At Ladina Yoga, our mission is to bring joy and support for yogis while empowering African artists. By purchasing your yoga gear, you are helping independent artists not only showcase their art to the world but also live in better conditions.


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