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Picture this: you've just finished an energising flow, and now it's time to stash away your mat and blocks. Cue our sturdy Sarobidy basket! With ample space to tuck in your mat and more, it's the ultimate yoga buddy, keeping your gear organised.

Introducing Sarobidy – the epitome of luxury and functionality, handcrafted with care in Madagascar. Named after the Malagasy word for "precious," each Sarobidy basket is a treasure to behold. Crafted with care and expertise over the span of a week by our skilled artisans, these natural raffia fibers baskets are a testament to mindful living and artistic flair. Plus, with two stunning colors—vibrant red and green—your storage game just got a serious upgrade.

Sarobidy isn't limited to just yoga gear. Its versatility knows no bounds – use it to organise blankets, towels, or even as a stylish home for your indoor plants. It's the ultimate multitasker for your home sanctuary.

Get ready to declutter your yoga space in style and add a touch of exotic magic to your home with our Sarobidy baskets, straight from our artisans of Madagascar!

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