3 Essentials You Need in Your Yoga Bag

Ever spilled your coffee while carrying your yoga mat AND your phone AND your keys AND all your essentials on the way to your yoga class?

Whether your practice takes you to a yoga studio, a local park, the beach... your yoga bag is your best ally!

Here are 3 essentials you should keep in your bag:

1. Your yoga mat

Duh. Make sure you get a yoga bag that can fit the size of your dearest mat. 

2. A water bottle

Although it is advised to avoid drinking water during class, the body eliminates a lot of toxins and sweat so chances are, you will need to hydrate post-yoga class!

3. Changing clothes

Meeting friends for brunch after yoga? Going on a date with your beau/belle before class? Now you won't have to head home to get changed anymore, you can just carry an extra pair of clothes in your yoga bag and *actually* make it :) 

If you are looking for a yoga bag to fit all your essentials, Ladina Yoga is your go-to partner. Not only the bag will fit all the items above, but it also has a front zip pocket to store your other essentials like your phone, keys, wallet.. Plus, you will love the colourful designs, made in Africa!

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