How To Create Your Home Studio

There are plenty of reasons why practicing yoga at home is more convenient at times. Although the community vibe of a group class is extraordinary, sometimes you might prefer practicing on your own, whether the class timing doesn't suit your schedule, you are running late, working from home or just want to do your own thing (or busy surviving a pandemic!). In any case, this doesn't mean you have to skip yoga and instead you can re-organise your home to create your own cosy studio.

Here are our top tips to create your studio at home:

1. Clear your space

Work with what you have and try to set up your spot away from things that can distract you, like technology or an overflowing laundry basket. Try laying down your mat and test some poses such as Three Legged Dog, Warrior II, Wide-Legged-Forward Fold and Fallen Triangle. You need enough space to move safely without hurting yourself. If you have the option to be next to a wall, that's even better so you can use support for balancing poses and inversions if needed.

2. Create your space



What would inspire and elevate your practice? Can you keep your phone on silent or put it on do-not-disturb while you practice?
Soften your space with plants, candles, things that make you happy and inspired. Get a mat and essential props (blocks/bolster/strap).
Keep your yoga props handy so you can easily use them during your practice, instead of having to look for them when you desperately need them.





3. Create an opening ritual 

Start your online class with a mini-ritual if you can. Pre-recorded classes often don't include time to slow down and if you're just finished work or just woken up and starting yoga, you might need some time to tune in. Some ideas include lighting up an incense stick, dimming the lights, spraying some essential oil in the air, and closing your eyes and tuning in with your breath for a few minutes. Maybe set an intention for your practice. This will give you a separation between your previous activity and the start of your class.

4. Choose a class for you

If you choose to go for an online class, there are plenty of options online. You can choose a yoga on a fitness app, follow your favourite teacher's class on Youtube or Zoom. Although online yoga classes already existed before the pandemic, they have been hugely popular during the last two years and are here to stay. Choose the style of yoga you feel you need at that moment and make sure you take care of yourself by practicing safely (don't hesitate to use props - they are meant to support and enhance your practice).
Being on your own means you can do whatever you want so don't be afraid to let loose and move the way you want! You are your best teacher so you know best what you need.
Tune in to the present moment and try to cultivate awareness with every breath. Yoga helps you to reconnect with yourself so use that time to do just that, away from any distractions.


5. Finish with a closing ritual

After your yoga class, take some time to reflect in silence about your practice and notice how you feel. You can also write down your observations on a notebook. Clean up your mat, place it back to its spot, like closing a chapter.

It might take some trial and error to put all of these in place, but it will be oh, so worth it!

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