January Community Event: Yoga + Asana Photoshoot

Join us on the 14th January 2023 for a beautiful Saturday filled with a yoga class for all, a post-yoga photoshoot with a professional photographer and snacks!

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This is the first Ladina Yoga event to mark the launch of our mindful yoga mats! We'll start with a yoga class open to all levels by Maysun Hassanaly, Founder of Ladina Yoga. After the class you will get the opportunity to mingle, have snacks and be part of the Ladina Yoga photoshoot and take home amazing pictures of you by professional photographer Camille Marie Bieber.

The event will start at 1pm sharp so please arrive 5-10 minutes before.


1-2pm: Yoga Class

2pm-4pm: Snacks + photoshoot

You can choose between 3 options:

1. Yoga + snacks: Attend the yoga class and mingle with others with yummy vegan snacks

2. Photoshoot + snacks: You will get professional yoga pictures taken by a professional photographer (usually worth £400+), meet other yogis and have yummy vegan snacks

3. Yoga + photoshoot + snacks: the best package! You will have the opportunity to attend an inclusive yoga class focused on breathing, meditation and embodying true yoga, meet new people, get professional pictures to take home with you and share yummy vegan snacks!

 Click here to book your spot.

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