Yoga Blocks - Supporting Local Communities in Kenya

Think outside the box: yoga blocks made of flip flops, bringing joy and colour into your practice!

These beautiful hand-crafted upcycled yoga blocks are 100% made of flip flops collected on the beaches and waterways in Kenya. We have partnered with social enterprise Ocean Sole and Downward Duck based in Kenya, who focus on raising awareness of the ocean impact on the planet, while working with communities and women to provide a steady income for 1,000 Kenyans. 

3 billion pairs of flip flops are discarded every year. For every $20 you spend, Ocean Sole collects 145 pounds of ocean trash to clean our environment, create employment, supports local communities and marine conservation.

How they are made:

1. Collection

Flip flops are collected from beaches and waterways in Kenya by the local community. The flip flops are then sold to Ocean Soles, which provides an income for the flip flop suppliers.

2. Cleaning

A Kenyan artist chooses which flip flops they want to use for the creation of this masterpiece and proceeds to thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting them. before manually turning the flip flops into yoga blocks ready to use.

3. Shaping, carving and sanding

Carving a yoga block

After being thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned, the flip flops are skillfully shaped and carved into a yoga block by the artist. In average there are 15 flip flops in a yoga block. 

Sanding a yoga blog made of flip flops

The block is then sanded to make the colours pop and to ensure a smooth finish. One last scrub, and they're yours!

About the yoga block:

The blocks are lightweight, durable and stylish. With its non-slip rubber surface, it ensures a strong grip and will provide you with the best support you need to enhance your practice. Each yoga block you get is completely unique with its own story, handmade and eco-friendly. 

Bring joy and colour into your practice while making a positive impact on the planet!

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