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  • Why Do Mangrove Trees Matter?

    Every yoga mat purchase is a step towards a greener world! 🌱 For every mat sold, Ladina Yoga is planting mangrove trees in Madagascar with Bondy, h...
  • 5 Steps to Live a Plastic-Free Yogic Life

    We are half-way through July, which is also plastic-free month, a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic ...
  • What is Raphia?

    Raphia is a wonderful heritage that we feel we need to protect and share with the world. The raphia meditation cushions are an invitation to awaken all your senses, from its unique touch and earthy fragrance, inviting you to return to nature and travel to the tropical valleys of Madagascar.
  • Buy a Mat, Save the Planet

     Ladina Yoga has partenered with Bôndy to reforest the island of Madagascar. Bôndy carries out social reforestation projects, in particular throu...
  • Yoga Blocks - Supporting Local Communities in Kenya

    Think outside the box: yoga blocks made of flip flops, bringing joy and colour into your practice!